Meet Our Staff | Toyota of Merrillville, Indiana

Management & Finance

Photo: Mike Bauner

Mike Bauner

General Manager

Mike has been with Toyota for over 16 years!
Photo: Ed Earley

Ed Earley

General Sales Manager

35 Years of Automotive Sales Experience
Photo: Julius Mays

Julius Mays

New Car Manager

Toyota Master Certified and have been with Toyota since 2003
Photo: Alan Monix

Alan Monix

Used Car Manager

Alan is Toyota Certified and has been in the automobile business for over 20 years!!
Photo: Ron Eckert

Ron Eckert

Finance Director

Ron has been in the automotive industry for over 25 years. He has been in finance for 10 years and Toyota of Merrillville for 7 years
Photo: Aron Van Houten

Aron Van Houten

Buisness Manager

Aron has been in Automotive Finance for over 20 years.
Photo: Fred Long

Fred Long

Buisness Manager

Fred has been in Automotive Industry for 10 years. He has been in finance for 3 years.

Sales Department

Photo: Kim Spasoff

Kim Spasoff

Sales & Leasing Consultant

Kim has been a Toyota sales professional for many years and enjoys working with people.
Photo: Marko Lukic

Marko Lukic

Sales & Leasing Consultant

Photo: Ken Drake

Ken Drake

Sales & Leasing Consultant

Ken has been in the Auto industry for over 30 years
Photo: Courtney Hynes

Courtney Hynes

Sales & Leasing Consultant

Photo: M.J. (Manoj Jain)

Manoj Jain

Sales & Leasing Consultant

Photo: Demetrious Volikas

Demetrious Volikas

Sales & Leasing Consultant

Photo: Samantha Sendejas

Samantha Sendejas

Sales & Leasing Consultant

Photo: Casey Bales

Casey Bales

Sales & Leasing Consultant

Photo: Robert Sulitz

Robert Sulitz

Sales & Leasing Consultant

Photo: Derek Frizzell

Derek Frizzell

Sales & Leasing Consultant

Photo: Mitchell Mathis

Mitchell Mathis

Internet Manager

Photo: Sean Harrison

Sean Harrison

Internet Manager

Photo: Amelia Lara

Amelia Lara

Internet Manager

Photo: Lee Gates

Lee Gates


Photo: Scott Earley

Scott Earley

Customer Lounge Attendant

Photo: Destiny Yoder

Destiny Yoder



Photo: Bryan Dypkowski

Bryan Dypkowski

Service Manager

Bryan is an Expert Toyota ASM that has been with Toyota of Merrillville since September of 2002.
Photo: Julie Aznar

Julie Aznar

Customer relations/BDC Manager

Photo: Rick Shaver

Rick Shaver

Assistant Service Manager

Rick is a Certified Toyota ASM that has been with Toyota since February of 2009. He has been a Service Consultant since 1993.
Photo: Dave Goodman

Dave Goodman

Service Advisor

Photo: Brittany Montgomery

Brittany Montgomery

Service Advisor

Photo: William Tiller

William Tiller

Service Advisor

Photo: Jace Hirosky

Jace Hirosky

Service Advisor

Photo: Jeremy Robinson

Jeremy Robinson

Service Advisor

Photo: Adam Rogers

Adam Rogers

Service Advisor

Photo: Alex Cornejo

Alex Cornejo

Expert Technician

Alex is a Toyota Expert Technician that has been with Toyota of Merrillville since December of 2006.
Photo: Bryan Baker

Bryan Baker

Certified Technician

Photo: Chad Korslin

Chad Korslin

Certified Technician

Chad is a Toyota Ceritifed Technician that has been with Toyota of Merrillville since September 2009.
Photo: Henry Bradley

Henry Bradley

Certified Technician

Photo: Frank Brandys

Frank Brandys

Master Diagnostic Technician

Frank is a Toyota Master Diagnostic Technician that has been with Toyota of Merrillville since December 2004.
Photo: Steve Allen

Steve Allen

Master Technician

Steve is a Toyota Master Technician that has been with Toyota of Merrillville since June 2006.
Photo: Robert Gatlin

Robert Gatlin

Certified Technician

Photo: Ranyle Hooks

Ranyle Hooks

Vehicle Prep

Photo: Justin Morningstar

Justin Morningstar


Photo: Bill Smith

Bill Smith



Photo: Frank Davros

Frank Davros

Parts Manager

Frank has been with Toyota for 27 years, and in the Parts Department for 25 years! You'll find that he is extremely helpful and friendly in getting the right parts for your Toyota.